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Today, July 13, 2022, we are experiencing a Capricorn Full Moon at the 21°. This Full Moon will be in trine both Uranus at 18° Taurus and the North Node (NN) 19° Taurus (conjunction Uranus).

Those with planets either in conjunction or opposition the Full Moon (18-24 degrees) in Capricorn or Cancer will be affected by this placement of this Full Moon. Squares, Trines and Sextile will have a lesser degree of influence but an influence nonetheless. Remember the tighter the orb to 21° the more intense its influence. The more planets or angles involved in the equation the stronger the influence.

A Full Moon in Capricorn often influences earthly matters. This can include our occupation and career, or earthly goals connected to material growth. Perhaps you have been thinking about moving ahead with your career or business objectives and you may have been laying the foundation for about 6 months (since Cap New Moon). Now will be the time to see these ideas come to fruition or move to the next level.

The trine (120°) from transiting Uranus and the NN, which is a favourable aspect, will help with what is in place and at times offer smooth sailing towards your objectives. Trines often suggest easy flow and good opportunities if you follow through. In some cases, things just seem to be moving in the right direction, but often with a little push, advancement can be even greater.

The NN indicates what we should be pursuing at this time in life. Aligned with Uranus, you can expect the unexpected (in a favourable manner). Uranus will move you in new directions with a change of objectives and often under unpredictable circumstances. Uranus is known as the awakener and pushes you to make changes to your life’s direction especially when in conjunction to the NN. The NN can indicate an important person or life pursuit that assists you.

This is a unique opportunity to advance and new opportunities may now be available if you take advantage of this timing. You can push ahead with confidence if your natal chart aligns favourably. Take control of where you wish to be in the foreseeable future.

All the best in your endeavors and be sure to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

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