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We will be experiencing a Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse on Monday, November 30, 2020 beginning at 2:32 am and finishing at 6:53 a.m. EST. This eclipse lasts a total of 4 hours and 21 minutes with its exactitude beginning at 4:42 a.m. EST. It is located at 8 degrees and 41 minutes in the sign of Gemini.

For this eclipse to have an effect in your chart, you will need to have planets within 3 degrees of this position. The conjunction, opposition and square will have the strongest impact, while the trine and sextile will have an influence but not as profound.

This Lunar event makes a quincunx which is considered a minor aspect to transiting Venus out by 3 degrees in the sign of Scorpio and a conjunction although out by almost 4 degrees with the Vertex. Quincunx aspects are considered challenging aspects which require adjustments, while conjunctions bring an emphasis and with the Vertex speaks of a turning point. Since Venus can be associated with love and affection and also finances, there may be a turning point in these areas. However, the placement of these positions in your personal natal chart and how they tie in with other planetary aspects or angles will tell the story regarding your personal life.

Lunar eclipses are said to last in months the duration of the eclipse in hours, so this means that the influences will come into effect and last about 4 ½ months, (some individuals, however, say the effects of this event can last as long as one year). This eclipse, being in the sign of Gemini (an air sign) and its ruling planet being Mercury, suggests that this will be a time of intellectualizing in regard to the areas of life involved. The area of life is determined by the houses under its influence.

The lunar eclipses always have deeper influences. On a social level regarding the masses, it shows the mindset due to information coming through at that time. If any planets cross the degree especially by conjunction, they will stir the energies connected to the eclipse. Mars by conjunction or opposition and the Sun will particularly add to these energies while Saturn will often end situations, if Saturn is in play that is. Mars will often spur major happenings if making contact.

Mercury, the ruler of this eclipse, has to with communication and everyday activities. Gemini is very versatile and becomes bored easily unless something new begins. Changeability is commonplace and open conversation is advised.

Eclipses bring change. A Full Moon Lunar eclipse is a time to purge and let go of things that no longer suit life circumstances. It is a culmination point when we begin to take note of what has been in place and move to the next level. We often reap what we have sown. Careful consideration should be taken before we plunge into action or on the contrary, consideration of the actions we need to take as we may in the past been avoiding making a decision and therefore no steps have been taken. Do not forget we are speaking of the energies of Gemini and the planet Mercury.

Some individuals fear eclipses. In many cases, eclipses foster change but these changes are needed and should be considered essential.

Enjoy the energies at hand, and unless you have other mitigating factors in your natal chart connected to this positioning, you may find it has little impact on your life. This is not considered a powerful eclipse (nothing like the solar eclipse coming up in December, 2020).

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