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There will be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse beginning at 5:26 am on August 18, 2016. The Full Moon (always a full moon during an Eclipse) in general is the harvest period time for the seeds planted during the New Moon. It is also a time when you take stock of what you have either completed, set in motion or are preparing for. If you have fallen short of your goals, this will be the time to cut your losses and learn from your experience and move forward from there.

This Full Moon falls in Aquarius indicating humanitarian ventures which may have began some six months ago when the New Moon was in Aquarius. Aquarius represents progressive thinking and influencing people’s attitudes and belief structures so that they can move beyond any limitations in their thinking. Aquarius’ influence can assist these individuals into moving in new more progressive directions. Aquarius energies create attitudes that are ahead of their time and always have the betterment of humanity in mind. The goal is to create a shift in those that are stuck in complacency or focussed on out-dated ideas.

The energies of an eclipse are a far more powerful than those of the Full Moon’s or New Moon’s energies.

The length of time the Eclipse event lasts will determine the length of time its energies will have an influence for this specific Eclipse on anyone who has a planet or significant house cusp (Asc, DC, MC or IC) at 25 degrees Aquarius. You can use a 3 degree orb to calculate this influence. Pay particular attention to which house or cusp that is being influenced by this eclipse. The affairs ruled by that house and any planet it touches are activated and the energies of the planet in question are stimulated. This should only be by conjunction (0-10 degrees) and the length of time (in hours) the eclipse lasts is measured in months to know the length of influence. If, for example, the eclipse lasts 3 ½ hours, its energies will have an influence for 3 ½ months. (Solar eclipse is calculated in years).

Eclipses suggest changing circumstances which are often brought about through hard lessons or crisis. This does not have to be an extreme crisis, but whatever emergency is stimulated by the event brings about a positive outcome as time passes. Conditions change and our inner self knows intuitively what it is that we need in order to bring about much needed growth. In many cases, we have been prompted to make adjustments in our life and many of us have not moved in the appropriate direction. This Eclipse will motivate us or cause something to happen to ensure that we get moving.

Always pay attention to the axis of where the eclipse falls in your chart. For example if it falls in your first house, the axis point will be the seventh house. An eclipse in the first would produce needed changes on a personal note and also have ramifications in your relationships. Perhaps the relationship itself causes the change. With this example, the influence would have something to do with your immediate surroundings and also to motivate you to place your objectives out into the public eye. Get things out in the open and put your personal stamp on it.

There is no need to fear Eclipses. More often than not, events and influences will happen on a more subtle level and if you happen to have a planet at the same degree, you would also have to have many planets in the same degree in other signs for there to be influence on a grand scale for you personally. It is also necessary to have several planets or significant points making tight aspects to 25 degrees Aquarius in your chart.

If you happen to have the Eclipse touch as needed in your chart to create a significant influence, be sure to utilities its energies to your benefit.

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