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We will be experiencing the energies of a Full Blood Moon along with a Lunar eclipse on July 27 at 4:22 p.m. EDT. (Blood Moon is not a technical name).

As we have suggested in the past, a Full Moon is a time to harvest, a time when we gather together the fruits of our labors in the garden of life. If we are well prepared and have nurtured our goals, the harvest will be successful and abundant. If we neglected the seeds that we planned it may be time to re-address what still needs work, forget harvesting and either nurse the seeds back to life or start over again.

As of July 27, 2018, the Full Moon will be in the sign of Aquarius and is at 4 degrees. The Sun is tightly conjunct the North Node and the Moon is conjunct Mars. This can make for an interesting combination. The Sun is our driving force as are the energies of Mars, so this is actually a very good time to forge ahead. The North Node deals with our life’s path and important people who we come in contact with that may help propel us in our intended direction.

Leo’s energies push self-confidence, putting our best foot forward, hoping for some recognition for our efforts and striving towards our creative potential. With this combination, our emotional expression will be enhanced. There may be some type of objections to our plans or people who stand in our way but in some manner, by doing so they will propel us forward. Perhaps those that stand in our way assist in enhancing our determination and cause us to push forward that much harder. These individuals unknowingly can make it clear to us that we are in control of our own destiny.

The path ahead may be quite clear at this time and if you look to see which houses are affected by this Full Moon in your Astrology chart, these will be the areas of life being affected for you personally.

The Lunar eclipse will bring up some strong energies within these areas of life indicated in your Chart. (Most of us will be affected emotionally in some way or another). The energies and their influence will last in months as long as the eclipse lasts in hours.

On July 27 we will experience the longest lunar eclipse in the 21st century. It is estimated to last approximately 1.75 hours and will be seen in Asian, Africa and the Middle East. According to, it will take almost 4 hours from first shadow until the Moon’s light reflection is fully returns. Even though the eclipse is not happening overhead elsewhere in the world, the influence of the energies will still be experienced.

To clarify, if the eclipse lasts 1 ¾ hours, its affects will last 1 ¾ months.

Pay particular attention to any planet especially by conjunction, square or opposition to this placement in your Natal Astrology chart. The energies resulting from these aspects and the houses affected will impact this experience.

Many people fear eclipses (whether Lunar or Solar) and although at times they can test our resilience, they should not be feared. Eclipses often bring needed change into our lives and propel us forward.

We will also have a square to the Sun and the Moon by transiting Uranus which will be at 2 degrees Taurus. Although Taurus is often about a slow and steady approach to life matters, Uranus is about drastic change and sudden but often important pushes in the right direction. We often get hints along the way of a new direction, a change of attitude or something new coming our way. We have opportunities to move in this direction now. These changes are usually needed as we have outgrown our development in the area of life concerned and need to reach out for something new. If we do not make these needed changes then often Uranus will force them upon us. If we wait for Uranus to force the change, the push can be in a much more harsh manner then if we just initiated the change on our own.

This should be an impactful experience for anyone with planets or angles connected to the 4 degree mark in their charts. For those with little influence from the natal chart, the whole experience may pass with little noticed events but pay attention to your emotions and emotional responses.

The more planetary energies involved and angles taking part, the stronger the potential for changes in your life. Do not become overly concerned as to whether this is a challenging experience or not. All change is beneficial and the less we fight, the easier the transition. Some of us will welcome change with open arms and this will be a great experience. If you are affected by these events then the changes put in place are the requirements of the soul’s development.

The Moon in the sign of Aquarius suggests that these changes that are at hand may concern groups of people that are of like mind. Aquarius wants to propel forward needed changes that not only affect themselves but also enhances others to push for needed change. Aquarius has humanities concerns in mind and the purpose is to help others help themselves out of stagnation or complacency. Generally, people can become stuck in habitual patterns and do not recognize that they are keeping their self from advancing.

The Moon in Aquarius may want us to make personal changes to our life’s direction, but will also push us to help others that may need outside assistance. Since this is a time when we can push forward and attempt to reach personal goals, we may want this for others as well.

Will you recognize the benefits of this influence immediately or will it take time for you to recognize that the energies of this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse are just what the proverbial doctor ordered?

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