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We are having a full Moon in Libra at 3 degrees and 17 minutes as well as a lunar eclipse March 23, 2016.

This Lunar eclipse and Libra Full Moon deals with relationships and with seeking harmony and peace in relationships in our lives. This could be a relationship with our spouse, our children, partnerships in business and important relationships with people in general, including our parents and close friends.

The area of life involved can be found by looking at our birth charts to locate where Libra at 3 degrees will be found. This will be the area of life that needs attending to at this time. If we have planets or significant points within three degrees of this point (3 degrees Libra), these will be emphasized. We can make significant changes in these areas although generally the Full Moon speaks of finalizing or harvesting our plans or intentions.

The eclipse’s energy will influence our lives for the same number of months as the actually eclipse lasts in hours. For example, if the Lunar eclipse takes 3 and ½ hours to unfold completely, the influence from the energies of the eclipse will last up to 3 and ½ months. When the moon makes a conjunction to this degree and an opposition to Libra at this degree, the eclipse will be activated and the area of life which was activated by the eclipse (house placement) will once again become prevalent in your life.

Some people believe that the eclipse’s degree is a sensitive zone or area on its own and they also believe that this degree often represents challenging conditions in the area of life affected. This is not always the case and often positive things happen in these areas, although sometimes with some challenging conditions attached to them.

We can use this eclipse to help facilitate positive change in our personal lives. Relationships that matter to us now have the opportunity to increase in quality and strength. Alternatively, we can use this energy to finalize issues found within the relationship that now need confronting or re-aligning. We may also choose to withdraw completely from a relationship; much will depend on what we want to do with this energy.

Sometimes life has an agenda that we do not fully understand. Change may be essential without our consent. During these times, it is important to understand, have faith and accept that change is necessary with or without our consent. We can assist to make life easier or we can fight an unwinnable battle. We can use these energies to help facilitate what needs to be adjusted and line ourselves up for easy flow to where we need to go or what we need to improve.

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