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We will experience a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on November 8, 2022, at 16° in the second decant of Taurus. A Lunar Eclipse is much more powerful than a Full or New Moon. Some suggest about three times the strength and the energies lasting in months equivalent to the duration of the eclipse in hours. This eclipse will last 4 hours and 12 minutes in Barrie, ON. You will need to be up by 4 a.m. to enjoy the view.

Because it is a Full Moon Eclipse it often entails some type of culmination of events leading to this time in your life. The house position of this Lunar episode will determine the area of life involved. If you have a planet or angle within 3° either by conjunction or opposition of this placement it will influence your life.

Lunar eclipses have an emotional tie to what unfolds and brings forth the reality to any inherent feelings that might have been plaquing or entertaining you in the recent past. I use the term entertaining lightly because in many cases it can reveal inevitable or destined events. This may not be overly difficult but other aspects to this position will tell the story. In many cases, there is no halfway measures about what is taking hold.

There can be developments that might not have been foreseen but it is important to recognize that whatever changes are due are quite necessary and to the point.

Being in the second decant suggests that there is a mixture of Taurean and Virgo energies although the Taurus impact will be the most relevant. Taurus mixed with Virgo suggests that there is a need for stabilization after careful review of the situation. This in turn brings a steadying agent into the picture which over time will produce a much firmer foundation than what was there prior to this event. All the little flaws come to the surface, and you will need to face them even though they have likely been in place for some time. You want to make sure that you are doing the right thing, as change is often not easy to accept, whether it’s favourable or challenging.

T Uranus is conjunct this Lunar Eclipse also at 16° in Taurus, while T Saturn is in square this position at 18° Aquarius. These two powerful influences suggest that there is often something sudden or unexpected about what takes place even if you have had inclinations of what might take hold. These types of energies belong to Uranus, and Saturn squaring this position suggests that there will likely be some challenging conditions attached.

This can feel like a testing period where things become unhinged and what used to be is changed or goes through changes that move you in a whole new direction. These needed changes move you past any restrictions or delays.

What is being harvested now has been in place for some time and the work involved over the past several months might determine how things unfold but understand that these changes are required. This is a culmination point of significance and you should learn to move along with this energy to ensure that nothing is left undone.

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