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On March 28, 2021, we will be experiencing a Full Moon in the sign of Libra. Libra is the sign of balancing and the need for harmony and fairness in all situations.

This Full Moon is at 8 degrees and is in opposition to transiting Venus which is at 7/8 degrees of Aries. Venus is the ruling planet of Libra as well as Taurus. Venus often has to do with relationships and expressions of love and affection. When in opposition to the Full Moon’s placement, this often indicates challenging conditions and in many cases issues that stem from the other or another person involved.

The Full Moon is known best as the time to harvest our efforts. It is indicative of the culmination of events. This Full Moon aspect might indicate that this difficult situation has been in place for some time and is now reaching its final stages. If this is a relationship of significance (because Venus is in the sign of Aries) this often indicates that the energies have to do with personal issues. Sometimes sex is part of the equations especially if natal Mars is involved in the equation. Transiting Mars will be making a square to this position in early May.

Mars is often used as a timer and can also suggest that arguments or in some rare cases violence or aggressive action is stimulated. However, having this Full Moon in the sign of Libra also suggests that the need for a favorable outcome which is not only fair but just. “Pleasing” should also likely be part of the situation. Much will depend on the placements of these positions in the natal chart as the houses represent areas of life being affected at this time.

Venus and Libra can work as one although often stimulated from outside forces to bring some kind of peaceful solution which is satisfying to those involved, if this is possible. This once again can be ascertained by aspects from other transits to natal positions as well as progressions in place.

Love and affection and potentially financial conditions can be part of what is in place; and although Libra really wants peace at almost any cost, you will need to take into consideration how this pans out for you in personal terms as well. Libra really wants to please.

Natal squares and oppositions to the Lunar position at 8 degrees Libra often indicates some struggles; however, often, especially with the square, the energies are challenging enough that we will work hard to find solutions. Oppositions often speak of issues stemming from outside sources. Trines and sextiles can help the situation and promote easy flow and opportunities to resolve any issues that might be related to this position. If the overall chart speaks of promising situations then the relationship if this is what this speaks of can reach new heights and flourish under these conditions. There will, however, be issues that need to be resolved before moving ahead.

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