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On November 23, 2018, at 12:41 a.m. EST, we will experience the Full Moon which will be in the sign of Gemini at zero degrees. This Beaver Full Moon will be in opposition to Jupiter which is at three degrees Sagittarius. The Full Moon will also square (by wide angle) Mars which is at four degrees in the sign of Pisces, and last but not least the Full Moon will sextile the North Node which is at twenty-nine degrees Cancer. It is safe to say that will be an energy charged Full Moon.

Knowing that during the energies of a Full Moon you should harvest the goals you have plants and nurtured in life and with the Full Moon being in the sign of Gemini and in the first decant, this would suggest that you should take the time to digest any information you have acquired and then communicate the knowledge and understandings you have gathered in the recent past. Some Astrologers suggest that the culmination of events or experiences that are ripe for harvest go back to seeds planet about one month previously; other Astrologers, including me, believe that these seeds were planets at the New Moon phase under the same sign. In this case, it would have been goals set under the New Moon in Gemini on May 29, 2018 that are now ready to yield. You would have had six months to nurture and work towards this harvest. When you work with the energies that are available, it makes reaching goals much more easy. If you plant seeds relating to Gemini’s energies, such as developing communicational skills or going back to school to learn, under the New Moon in Gemini, you should be able to bring these goals (harvest) to the next stage under the energies of this Full Moon.

Gemini’s energies assist with digesting knowledge, sharing information and in a positive sense putting this knowledge into concrete action. However, Gemini tends to cultivate many things at the same time, and as a result, you may move too quickly or not spending enough time in any one give area to becoming an expert in any field. Gemini can be too scattered.

With this in mind, it will be imperative that you narrow down, by order of importance, what you are focusing under these energies. Do not be too broad with your horizons. There are many extraordinary ideas generated by this intellectual earth sign; however the energies may need to be honed in a specific direction.

The energies may focus on written material or the signing of important documents. It will be important to make sure that all the material has gone through a structured, systematic review before you move ahead with your ideas. Do your due diligence.

With this Full Moon being in sextile to the North Node, there is often an opportunity available with what is taking place. The path is clear and you have an outline of what you can do to push ahead in your endeavors.

Sometimes someone comes into your life who can assist in some way during this period and with Jupiter in opposition to this Full Moon, the potential for success is highlighted, as long as you take each step in order and have not jump because of impatience. Jupiter often brings good luck and opportunities and the potential for growth and expansion.

As mentioned, there is also a wide square to transiting Mars with this Full Moon’s positioning. This energy (although it is out by four degrees,) may still have some impact in some way. Mars’ energies push us ahead with little restraint and this might hinder things somewhat if you are not totally ready to make this move ahead. The Full Moon often suggests however that the time is ripe for manifesting.

If your advance is too aggressively or in a very forceful manner, the outcome may not be as successful as it could have been if you carefully planning out your steps. Mars can be an agitator for action and rather dynamic in its exchange. However it does appear that you are on the right path due to the sextile from the North Node. Push ahead and if something does go astray, you can always begin again with the information from the challenge to give you better odds for the outcome with your second attempt. We always learn a great deal from our challenges and challenges do not mean we have to give up.

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