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We will be experiencing a Full Moon in the Cardinal, fire sign of Aries on October 20, 2021, at 10:56 a.m. EDT. This Full Moon occurs at 27 degrees and the Moon is in opposition to Mars at 23 degrees Libra. Although this opposition is out by 4 degrees for those sensitive to these energies this signifies an energetic and powerful combination, especially since transiting Pluto is square to Mars at 24 degrees in the sign of Capricorn.

In the past we have written about the square between Mars and Pluto which can be quite the power aspect in itself. Those with natal aspects close to these degrees (23/24 degrees) especially by conjunction, square or opposition to one of these planets will undoubtedly be experiencing the somewhat obstructive elements of these two planets in square to one another. The opposition from the Moon to Mars along with the square to Pluto can create quite the disruption to the flow of life. These energies often call for the commencement of action from outside sources, which in many cases suggests that others are involved in the equation.

The houses involved and the blueprint of the natal chart is informative when trying to define what these energies might entail. Pluto and Mars are both direct which suggests that the energies may not be overly aggressive and over time the incorporation of these energies into one’s life will be fully understood at a later date. Change and transformation is often a by-product and although often forceful and sometimes hard-hitting, the transition at hand is what is required. The houses involved will define what areas of life are involved and if the angles are part of the picture this often speaks of a more profound activity for the individuals involved.

Aries, the Full Moon’s position, calls for action and a push forward with objectives set out approximately 6 months ago. Things often come to a head or to fruition now and unfold as they should over the next several weeks. The energy and time invested in what is taking place is in direct correlation with how things evolve and develop.

Do not become too concerned with Mars and Pluto but you can expect some aggressive action and sometimes a push for power on some level. Any rash action or potential for aggressive action should be avoided and if possible, dealt with later, when Mars moves out of orb with Pluto by the end of October.

Aries (Moon sign) wants to facilitate action that works well for whatever plans enhance beneficial change. Much depends on your natal chart as to how you might react. The natal chart always dictates however transits certainly have their part in the process.

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