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We will be experiencing the harvesting energies of a Full Moon in Scorpio on May 18, 2019 at 5:11 p.m. EDT.

For longer range plans and motivations set in place some 6 months ago under the energies of the New Moon in Scorpio look for end results now. The Full Moon’s energies are conducive to reaping the rewards from all of your efforts made to this point.

For shorter range objectives, look back to the last New Moon was in Taurus on May 4.

Under this current Full Moon both of these previous “planting” periods that would have been taken advantage of can now reaching the final stages of development (if you have put the necessary work into your goals that you set).

With a Full Moon at 27 degrees Scorpio, this is a powerful connection with potentially deep-seated ramifications. This is a very emotional placement and also likely a very sensual and driven placement as well. If you have planets located close to this degree (up to 3-4 degrees separation) and either in conjunction, opposition or to a lesser degree square, trine and sextile to this placement (see for information on these aspects), this Full Moon will be affecting your natal planetary placements. Be sure to look at the position of the Full Moon by house position as this will be the area of life that is being activated and then have a look at the aspects to the natal planetary positions (house position, aspect and planetary energy) as this will give you further insight.

This is a very high-strung energy where the emotions are high, and you can expect a certain degree of volatility with this placement.

This can be a sensual positioning with strong sexual drives linked to the emotions which, to say the least, run deep. It is a mysterious connection where secrets may come to the surface or at least be brought to the surface for those involved and then hopefully appropriately dealt with. The connection is also likely tied to the mystical or occult. Delving deep into these profound subjects with an analytical eye on self is highly suggested, even if you have nothing touching this position.

Self-reflection is never a bad idea, although honesty is a general requirement for all essential information to be revealed. If you don’t like what you see, you can make changes and if you like what you see, adhere to what is exemplified.

There is also a connection to the planet Mercury. The Moon will be making an opposition to Mercury in Taurus at 24 degrees. Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication, is suggesting that although Scorpio is rather subdued and internalized, you need to communicate to receive more information and collaboration with what you are coming to terms with.

Mercury in the sign Taurus wants to take a rational approach to what is surfacing and Scorpio, which is the Moon’s placement, is all about emotions. As a result, it is important to rationalize emotional impacts and sensitivity to the sub-conscious can be quite the challenge. Oppositions usually suggest that other people are involved in the equation and this is, in part, why you should take into consideration open and honest communication with others.

Communicate your emotions.

Remember the tighter the orb of influence from the Full Moon to your natal planets, the stronger the energy and impact.

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