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Astrologers have noted that a Full Moon can be described as a culmination of events (time to harvest) which should have began some six months ago (when the New Moon was in the same Astrological sign as the current Full Moon). What was begun six months ago should now be at its completion. Our efforts, depending on how we prepared and the work that was put into nurturing the project, will now be reaped.

If we did little to activate growth and did little to promote a healthy growing period, we may now have to rethink our project or place more commitment into it in order to reach the next stage of development. Have we nurtured our life’s garden, will we make major changes or scrap what was begun?

If we put much love and effort into the growth of our goals, we will have a good harvest to enjoy now.

Much will also depend on the Zodiac sign involved as well as which other planets are involved when experiencing the Full Moon. This is not only reflective in the planets and signs involved through transit (the movement of planets through the natal chart) but also by planetary placement or angle displacement (ASC, MC, IC or DC) in the birth (natal) chart. Connections within the birth chart should be no more than 3-5 degrees to the Full Moon’s placement on September 14, 2019 at 12:35 a.m. This harvest moon will be in the sign of Pisces. The aspects to consider should also only be a conjunction or opposition although the trine and sextile have a somewhat lesser influence. In general, this is particularly true when it comes to eclipses, although with eclipses the trine and sextile are not an influence at all.

The Piscean placement of this Full Moon often speaks of spiritual influence or psychic stimulus although it can also speak of particulars being vague or things being unclear. Pisces is an inspirational sign which carries with it the elements of emotional intensity and a high degree of sensitivity to whatever is unfolding in life.

This Full Moon will be conjunct Neptune and as a result, there may be a degree of uncertainty or illusion attached to whatever is taking place. Be sure to have someone you know, and you trust will not take advantage of the situation, provide you with some guidance as there is often a sense of illusiveness or on the contrary insightful experiences at hand.

With Neptune, which is in currently conjunction this placement, as well as Pluto which is sextile to this placement, there certainly might be an element of change and quite possibly a magical element attached to the area of life involved (defined by the houses involved). Check your chart to see the position of the Full Moon and also the houses of transiting Neptune and transiting Pluto as this will help define what areas of life are involved.

Transformations are likely taking place and sometimes a new beginning is unfolding after a death of sorts has taken place. The old has to die before something knew can be born. This of course is not literal, but something has to be completed and finalized before a new path can unfold.

The Piscean Full Moon is at 21 degrees and again will be direct on September 14, 2019. Have a close look at your chart and see how this might work favourably for you, or what you might do so as not to be deceived by what might seem to be elusive, or in contrast, highly spiritual.

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