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The Full Moon is in Taurus today, November 14, 2016. This moon is a Supermoon and is the closest it has been to earth for approximately 69 years.

As many of you are aware, the Full Moon is a culmination of the work you have done during the New Moon cycle. It is the harvest of your efforts and this particular Moon speaks in terms of working diligently without fear of failure. Its energies help you to work towards a goal that not only satisfies your ambitions but also adds structure to your life.

Taurus is a builder of foundations and its energies are focused on working towards securing a future that will stand the test of time. This could be released in the material world through efforts towards building a business or working in the direction of adding something worthwhile to an already structured business. These energies may assist you towards a retirement plan which is now ready to be implemented. You could decide to buy a new more reliable car but will want to research various companies or manufacturers before you decide on which car to purchase.

You may purchase new furniture to add more beauty and refinement to your surroundings and should shop around to ensure good construction at a reasonable cost.

Taurus’ energies want to ensure that a proper foundation is in place to ensure that you are financially ready for these purchases. With a Lunar Full Moon in Taurus, you better make sure you have preplanned well before you take the next step.

Transiting Uranus is at 21 degrees of Aries making a semi-sextile to this Full Moon at 22 degrees Taurus, suggesting that this would be a good time to go ahead with your plans. Semi-Sextiles usually indicate being in the right place at the right time and an opportunity that either falls in your lap or you have to push ahead to make things happen. The only danger with Uranus is that it often acts on impulse without diligent preparation. Do not rush into anything without doing your research, which this Full Moon certainly suggests.

If you go back 6 months and recall what you were trying to put together or work towards under the influence of the New Moon in Taurus, this is the time when you can either move towards that goal or revisit things and make decisions as to whether or not you should continue with this proposal. If plans are not going as they should, now would be the time to make adjustments to these plans or simply cut your losses. Sometimes a little nurturing will help the fruit of your harvest become a little more sweet in the future.

Taurus wants you to move slowly and to take the time needed to test your product or your ideas. You are pushed to make sure that there are no flaws or shortcomings that could make things difficult down the road. Finalize things and make sure that you have everything ready before you move ahead. Taking the necessary time will help alleviate any mistakes due to rash or impulsive decisions.

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