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On Sunday, June 18, 2023 we will be experiencing a New Moon @ 26° Gemini. The energy of the New Moon suggests the start of something new. The house placement of the New Moon in the natal chart will define the area of life involved. As the New Moon evolves to the Full Moon some six months from now, it will be a time to harvest the results of the efforts you are now beginning.

In the sign of Gemini, the learning or teaching expressions are enhanced. It is quite possible to take on more than one subject at a time and you will likely find that you are more versatile and adaptable to change during this 6-month period.

Perhaps you might put together a class ready for students at the end of the cycle. You may begin a course yourself or take classes or decide what you want to initial regarding your schooling. Perhaps you take on a project at work and bring in others to help orchestrate the outcome which you will present to your superiors. Perhaps you decide to entertain travel plans part of which may be wedding plans. You now begin to organize and set up interviews and put the plans together. In December or January your plans come to completion, and you should be ready to move forward.

Be prepared for changes. What you begin now may go through many alterations along the way. Be adaptable and move with the flow of new ideas coming to mind. This is an ongoing project, and you may not have an exact idea of where it will finish but be open to move ahead and see where it goes.

You are more versatile now and have great flexibility when it comes to these plans. However follow-through is important or plans may not reach their culmination point. Sticking with the goal even though making changes along the way is suggested.

To see if this New Moon has an influence in your life look at your natal chart’s potential. Do you have planets or angles near this position either by conjunction or opposition?

Mercury go retrograde in September for a short period and on Jan 1, 2024 suggesting making plans during these period but not taking action?

Are there other influences in the chart suggesting that this may not be a good time to advance?

Squares and Oppositions to natal positioning must be taken into consideration. Saturn will be in retrograde during this time, which is a good as plans often work better during its retrograde period. Move ahead if you feel comfortable, but don’t hold back because of fear of failure or fear of abandonment. See where things take you but begin now.

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