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The New Moon today May 30, 2022 was direct at 7:30 a.m. It is not in aspect from any other transiting planetary position. This suggests that the full energy of this conjunction between the Sun and Moon is unharnessed. However, within each personal natal chart other natal positions will have an impact on the positioning of the New Moon. This is especially true for the conjunction and opposition that is within 3 degrees of the Gemini Moon at 9°. Other major aspects (including the square, trine, and sextile) also play roles in the energies of the New Moon.

Remember the natal chart always tells the unfolding story and transits will activate the energies in place in the birth chart. The New Moon suggests beginning of a new cycle. It is a time for change and to reflect on the past and any mistakes or wrong turns you may have taken. Change often takes hold so it is important to set new goals which are realistic and have the potential to manifest. Your intensions lead to solidification and the potential can lead to achievement if the necessary effort is given.

These new beginning can speak of relationships although caution should be taken especially with Gemini tending to move too quickly without proper consideration. It can also have to do with personal projects or occupation. It can speak of spiritual involvement and the practice of meditation and reflection.

Gemini has to do with open communication and intellectual pursuits. This can involve schooling, teaching, reading and conversation on a great many topics. This can be an inward experience and a time of contemplation and reflection. With the New Moon in the sign of Gemini (a mutable air sign) open conversation and clear dialogue with others is highlighted. Share your insight and develop a more outward expression for your next plan of action.

T Jupiter @ 3° and Mars@ 4° Aries are in conjunction with one another. This conjunction although not part of the New Moon’s configuration can have an impact if it activates a planetary influence or angle in your chart suggesting that there may be a real push to advance with a general feeling of optimism helping facilitate action which may be required during this lunar phase.

The amount of effort put forth is in our hands, so sitting back will prevent all potential progress. You make the decisions on what action to take and how to channel the energies.

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