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Get out from under the umbrella of protection to bask in the light of warmth and clarity. Do not hide. Be yourself regardless of what that might be. Appreciate your life with all of its intricacies. Recognized and allow the light within to radiate out.

Share your life. It is only a gift if shared.

Allow happiness by seeing it within yourself. Do not look for happiness from someone or something else. That is a lost cause.

Become reacquainted with the deepest reaches of your soul.

Seek the truth and you will surely recognize it.

You are the builder, the creator of your experience. Live eternally in the moment.

See you place and accept the path that lies right in front of you. You have never been lost. Do not look for your place in the Sun for you are a part of that Sun. Shine brightly.

Follow your dreams. Be alive and share your precious moment.

You are spirit! Live!

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