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If you feel as though you are currently getting along with less in life, this would suggest that in the past you feel you had more than what you have now. With this in mind, many of us believe that we can again increase our income, if this is our goal.

We could be between jobs, gone back to school or even retired. It will be necessary to find ways of cutting back on things and find ways to spend less. In most cases these are only feelings shortcomings.

It is surprising how easy it is to change our habits if we seriously try, especially for those of us in North America. Many of us are accustomed to spending and wanting more than is necessary. Look around at the waste and the repercussions of excessive material acquisitions. Take a walk past a landfill site.

We can quickly accept our new limitations (if we choose to look at them as this) and we will realize that our lifestyle has really not changed much at all. It is all a state of mind.

Do not view your life as having shortages or feel that it is lacking. Appreciate what you have in life and focus on this rather than focusing on what has been eliminated. Your positive attitude can be the prevailing winds of change. This attitude will shape your future and alter life accordingly. Put your focus in a place of appreciation.

The important lessons when dealing with these circumstances will be exactly that an attitude of a “lesson”…not a punishment. Recognize how fortunate you are in the moment. Our lives are filled with constant gifts if we care to take the time to recognize them.

You can adjust to life’s circumstances but this is your decision. Remain positive and filled with appreciation. Have an honest look at how you can and do react to life. Do you have to make adjustments?

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