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Giving in is not an option when the circumstances call for action. Acceptance of a circumstance is not giving in, however. We can accept something in life but move towards changing it. Giving up and letting go are not the same thing.

Giving up is an act of throwing in the towel. It is a statement of “You win; I lose”. Giving up states “I am at your mercy”. When giving in, we feel as though we have no way out and nowhere to turn and are at the mercy of fate. We believe that there is no hope for change and that in some way life is swallowing us….whole.

Letting go on the other hand suggests that, while you could be dealing with the same circumstances as someone who is giving up, you know deep within that you will make your way through the current circumstances knowing that you will come out on the other end of life’s lesson, stronger, wiser and more resilient. You know that there are always guiding forces ready and willing to guide and teach. You understand that difficulties are stepping stones to self-discovery. These challenges are what help you realize that there is always an answer. You put your faith in life and ask for guidance (spiritually, physically and/or emotionally) and if you are at wit’s end and have tried everything in your power to meet the challenge yet still feel you are falling short, you give it over to a greater source for assistance without the feeling of failure.

We will all experience challenging conditions in our life. Some will experience these conditions and life situations to a greater degree than others. Some will deal with these difficulties from an emotional perspective; others will through a more mental perspective trying to rationalize conditions. It does not matter which way we choose.

Do not allow yourself to feel that life has a strangle hold on you. Recognize your options and know that you are never alone even when it feels that way.

Subtle energies are at work always and in some way, if you are open to the energies, you will be guided and prompted to find your way out. You are never at the mercy of life, but you are at the mercy of your beliefs and focus. You can always rely on the quiet voice within, the guiding prompts you receive. A formidable opponent whether physical or emotional is no challenge for the forces at work in your life.

Where do you place your focus?

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