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Do you keep a check and balance of all acts of kindness and giving?

Some individuals carry out their daily routine continually providing for others but questioning if their acts are appreciated by the recipients. (This can be seen frequently especially with married couples). We have heard it said by wives and husbands that their spouses do not seem to show their appreciation for all that they do. We have also heard it questioned that if their spouse or children do not appreciate what is being done, why should they continue?

Showing and confirming our appreciation is always recommended. No one wants to feel that they are taken for granted. Both spouses today are quite busy in the home as well as in the work place. A simple thank you to show our appreciation takes little effort but has great value.

Should we expect something in return for everything that we do? Should we expect that others show their appreciation? Is confirmation of our efforts a indicator of ego hindrance?

In reality, all things in life are balanced, in some way or another. Life looks after these things and even when it appears that others are not reciprocating our actions with a few words of gratitude, life balances this out in ways that we may not understand. As the old saying goes everything goes full circle.

Personally, I believe that we should not put a price on everything we do. It is priceless to give without expecting to receive. Giving should be carried out simply because we want to give or because someone needs our assistance. Is this not the meaning of “true love”? Our efforts should stem from love not a desire for something in return.

Any act of giving is noted in the karmic records or on other levels of understanding. We do not need to keep score. Each gift we give has its own merit and value. If our intension comes from our heart then measuring it in terms of effect does not matter.

We would never suggest that you allow others to take advantage of you. You have value and are not a servant to anyone. Our lives on many levels are geared to service but in a manner to help and assist through love.

There are many ways to assist and countless different approaches we can take. The outcome of our actions may never be seen by outsiders or even recognized by others, but it is registered in our hearts.

Is that not payment enough?

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