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Many of us could connect more to our instincts on a more advanced level and maybe call this our intuitive understanding or our intuitive insight. Primal instinct is something that is born into all of us but can certainly be further developed through experience. Intuition, it would seem, is something that develops over time. It is one of those things that can be relied on and stays with us as we develop. It actually becomes more powerful over time as we truly awaken and it becomes part of our everyday life, even our automatic function.

We understand the meaning of “feeling our way through” things and can depend on what we feel when in the company of others. We might feel as though someone cannot be trusted even though we have never met this individual before. It is a feeling or an internal dialogue that is shared between people. Some individuals also have profound visions which are a part of their intuitive gift, knowing instinctively not to walk down that road, not to get in their car, or not to pursue that business deal.

There are many forms of intuitive knowledge and an innate understanding of what is taking place in our world. We may know, for example, who feels right to vote for (a very “fresh” topic), who can be relied on, who is trustworthy and who is not.

We can pick up on honesty and sincerity. We can even know when someone is fake or untrue to whom and what they are attempting to portray. Intuition becomes strong over time. The more we use a muscle, the strong it becomes. At some point, is it possible to make contact with another people on a completely different level of communication?

Most of us realize that we can rely on our intuition. If, however, we feel negativity coming at us from all sides, we undoubtedly are experience ego. This is a battle that must be won, if intuition is going to prevail. Ego is ego and imagination is imagination. As you learn to differentiate between what is imagination and what is truth, which will happen over time, we learn to make sense of it all.

Intuitive is not available for just some; it is for all. It is those individuals who are in tune with this information that develop it. Follow your hunches. Exercise you intuitive muscle. Let intuition be your guide. Open up to your own spiritual connection. It is available to each and every one of us.

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