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It is said that if you are going to do a job…any job, always do your best. It does not matter what others think. Their opinions are simply that, “an opinion”. It can be difficult to be on your toes when it comes to doing the best you can, but how can you truly be satisfied with what you do unless you give it your all.

The end result is not as important as the effort put forth. We are human and we will never do everything perfectly but we can give it our best shot. Do not be too critical when you do your own personal review. We cannot ask for anything more than our best.

Putting out our best effort can and should include our job regardless of the type of work we do. We may feel that our job is unimportant. Remember this is just an opinion as well. If it were not important it would not exist.

When we give our best, we feel better about what we do regardless of what it is. This can be especially important when it comes to meeting the needs of those around you. Family and friends deserve your best effort and remember, what you put out comes back to you. We will come across those that do not seem to have gratitude but that it their journey not ours.

Most important, do we do our best for ourselves? Do we treat ourselves with respect (without ego being involved)? Are we grateful for our own capabilities, our accomplishments, etc?

Believe in yourself.

What we do in our “everyday life” will have a profound effect on those around us as well as on self. When we give ourselves completely, even to what we consider the mundane daily routines, we can feel good about what we do and our efforts.

Life’s daily circumstances sometimes will dictate just how great the results of our efforts may be but do not be too critical on yourself. Do your best and be the best person you can be. Everything else will fall into place.

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