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Have you ever felt so alone and swept away by life’s circumstances that you feel you have no place to turn?

Perhaps you need to join a group of like-minded people to share your feelings. Perhaps you need a place where you can feel safe, accepted and wanted on some level.

It has been difficult over the past few years. Many were involved with groups where they felt at home and accepted. Some made close friendships while attending these groups. Some found important people who assisted them in their time of need or in learning.

Life is always full of lessons and in many cases these hardships or challenges are exactly what is needed to move to the next level of understanding. In some cases the assistance from others brought life changing helped along the way. However, in reality, no one can fix your issues. You must do this yourself.

In the process of helping ourself and finding the answers, we grow immensely and build inner confidence and the ability to understand the strength that we have within. It often takes extremely difficult situations before we fully understand how strong we really are. Yes, we can receive assistance from others or a group of people, but we do the work required to maneuver our way through life’s adversities on our own. You and you alone conquer your hurdles.

Groups are wonderful and promote valued support that can assist in our life’s paths. Perhaps you could start your own group. You don’t necessarily have to be the chairperson as someone generally steps forward to take this role. If there is still some anxiety concerning being with several people inside perhaps start a group online. A group may already existence in your area.

One thing is for certain….It takes action. Sitting back waiting for something to come along might never take you to where you want to go. Do not let lack of confidence holds you back. Action in life is in your hands. Take that first step and move forward.

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