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We have had a number of clients tell us that they feel as though their journey is being hindered in one way or another. They feel weighted down and overwhelmed by life’s events which they feel they have no control over.

It is important to remember that these stages or events in life are not punishments. They are, however, valuable lessons from which we can experience our greatest growth.

Because of their attitude, they can feel at the mercy of life and they take the events personally. As a result, they react in ways that do little to resolve the issues or that take advantage of the lesson at hand. Their reactions do, however, compound their feelings of moving backwards in their growth.

What should they do to relieve these tensions? How can they find hope when everything seems too harsh to deal with?

There are many tools available to us during our trials and tribulations. It is important, however, to recognize that they are never alone. There are countless others that walk this journey with us and many others have had or are having experiences exactly as we are experiencing. Some of these individuals that are with us are angels in earthly bodies and then there are those that are not of this physical world. These are guiding forces beyond this earthly dimension that can be relied upon. They are always available to us and we need to realize that we are not alone.

Quiet your mind. It can be quite difficult in the beginning but with practice it does get easier. Again, quiet your mind. Listen to that gentle, quite voice. Listen to the inspirational messages that are always being passed on. Pay heed to those quiet messages for the information they contain is powerful.

Our guides are with us always and working for our benefit. They are always pushing us in the best possible direction but most of us ignore them because their message is so subtle. When we are most emotional, the message can be clear if we quiet our minds. The majority of us tend to get so caught up in events and emotions that we do not notice the gentle nudges that points us in the direction of a solution. Their guidance or assistance is never overwhelming or forceful. As we learn to listen to our guides, their voices can become much more direct, and we begin to realize that it is important to listen. Even with these more clear messages, the delivery is still subtle. It always comes through in a gentle manner and love is in their expression.

Recognize that we are never alone. Our guides are always with us.

We are one of the many sparks that form the fire of life we call source. If we are all sparks of this one fire, who truly then are our guides?

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