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Our children and the children of others can become important influences in our lives. Some begin child rearing at an early age, and our lives take on a new route, often a very unfamiliar one.

For those that believe in or are open to the concept of reincarnation, it is said that we choose our parents and our children, and they too choose us. Our life’s journey combines these special people, and we share this life’s experience to grow. It is an honor to come together with these people.

When our children are young, they rely on us for guidance, nurturing, etc. We do the best we can to provide them with what they need. Sometimes we fall short because of situations beyond our control, and we do make mistakes along the way. We are human and to err is part of the process. They are part of our lessons. We cannot hold on to what we did in the past, but we can certainly do what we need to do in the present without repeating old mistakes.

As these children begin maturing they still subconsciously rely on us but this can be difficult as they reach the stage that they feel they know what is best for themselves (often the teenage years). They become more and more consciously influenced by their peers but we still need to be an example for them.

Once they leave home, they are their own person but will always be our children. We still guide them but now they will walk the road that they feel best suits them. They listen even when it appears they are not. It is time to let go however and trust that the seeds you planted in the early years will continue to grow. It is time for them to walk their own road and make their own mistakes to learn.

If we picked this life, which many teachings suggest, then they also picked their own life. These children, as we did, will walk their own personal road. There is a spiritual plan in place for each of us. We will move in the direction we are supposed to even if it feels off at times. We will learn what we need to learn as life passes.

Enjoy your little ones. They grow quickly. Enjoy parenthood and watching these children mature into themselves. Be grateful that they are in your life, even when challenging conditions weigh heavy.

Love them unconditionally.

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