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The definition of LOVE is the intense feeling of deep affection for another person or living thing.

There are so many different forms of love…. the love given to a partner, a child, a friend, a stranger in need. Each and every living being and animal that exists offers an opportunity to express and share love.

There is also another form of the love. One that is most often forgotten and yet is quite important; this love is the love for self.

Take a moment and reflect on the wonders of your life with all of its complexities, your friends and the loved ones you are and were so fortunate to share this existence with. Can we utilize this day set aside for “love” without focusing on material exchange or money spent but by sharing our presences with those that we love.

We can enhance our life’s experience by showing the love we have for others, without measure. For the individuals that hold a special place in our heart, why not confirm our affection for them today. Then take it one step further to allow this sentiment to be expressed each and every day of the year through a special gesture or word.

Just as important, can we not take this opportunity to spread our love to those we may not know - strangers we meet along our path? There are many among us that are alone and in need of a loving gesture no matter how small. Create a ripple effect that is generated by one small gesture or one small action of love.

Today can be the beginning of an endless expression. We can regularly do something meaningful for our loved ones without it being a special day. We can express our love in our own special way on a day that those that we care about would never expect it. We can become spontaneous and act on that little whim which surfaces from time to time. These impromptu moments of showing we care are the most special moments.

February 14 is a day celebrated by many lovers but if you were to take the time to read the legends, you may questions why, as the story does not have such a happy ending.

We can celebrate love, romantic or otherwise, every day. Life itself is a celebration of love and we share this planet with every living thing in existence--even plant’s life thrives when shown love. The magnificence of this life carries with it the sharing of love in many shapes and forms. We simply need to open up to the beauty and love that is generated around us and within us, each and every day!

As we reach out today, take time to reflect on the love that surrounds us and then on what we can do to express and be a part of this beautiful and natural process. Love each other without exception. Give special thanks for the love that envelops you. Never lose sight of the importance and deep ingrained meaning that life provides. Release the love that grows from within. It will be returned tenfold. Why not nurture this natural process of love and allow it to grow, first from within and then to overflow.

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