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We are not here to be a mere spectator to stand by while life presents us with opportunities to assist in this material experience. We are here to be a participant in our awakening, even a light to guide others in finding their own personal insight and meaning to their lives.

Many people become trapped within the idea that material wealth will satisfy their deep inner yearning for understanding. Maybe for a few brief moments we may find some contentment or even excitement but this is short lived if what we are actually seeking is inner fulfillment.

Do not get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with material wealth and it can certainly make the physical life a little easier but it will not make you feel complete or provide happiness, for these things cannot be bought. We can become lost in the search, unfortunately.

If only we would stop looking outward for our fulfillment and answers. Our investment in these things never seems to provide true contentment and as a result, we keep striving for more. We eventually come up feeling empty and ever reaching for that one thing that will make us feel happy only to find that that next “thing” does not satisfy what is missing.

Look within for answers.

Live within the moment, without expectations of others.

It does not hurt to remind ourselves that we are spiritual beings living an earthly existence...nothing more, nothing less.

Be the listener. Be the watcher, the one within who watches each event and who listens to the story as it unfolds. We have never been lost!

We already are the wealth that we are search for. We have heard others speak of the one within. That is who we truly are. We are not separate. We are one with everything. We resonate within the divine light of knowing. We are pure energy momentarily experiencing this physical form.

We are light!

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