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When we find ourselves in a troubling situation or experiencing a challenging state of mind, we have the ability to rise above these events or feelings. It does not matter what we are faced with, we can overcome anything. We have the ability to change any circumstances mentally.

When we recognize the inner strength that we have, we can use these strengths to our advantage. We have a lot more ability than we give ourselves credit for, and we are always provided with what we need.

We can detach ourselves from events. If we do not own events, they cannot affect us deeply. We are human and are influenced by events BUT we do not have to stay attached to that influence. The choice is ours if we are going to get caught up in what goes on around us or if we to learn from the experience and move on.

All events are stepping stones or learning tools. We master the lesson and from that we gain strength and confidence. We learn from these events that we are resilient. The secret is to quiet our mind and step back. Unfortunately far too many of us are on auto pilot and response by “reaction” instead of mindfulness. Learning to act with purpose is not different. Practice mindfulness. Stop yourself as soon as you realize you are “reacting”. With practice it becomes second nature.

All lessons mirror the experience of learning to ride a bicycle. We learn the ability to ride and can carry this ability through life. It is the first attempts that are difficult and sometimes it takes many tries to learn but we do learn and can enjoy that ability afterward. These talents once mastered can be used for enjoyment and/or with purpose.

Life can be an enjoyable ride. Learn to use the tools and equipment available to us and make the experience pleasing. Pick up the pieces of life and ride on. Enjoy the journey that life has to offer as well as the many individuals that share the road with us.

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