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What lies ahead?

Do we want to stay right where we are or move forward?

Are we comfortable in our present living conditions or are we complacent?

Are we accepting or lazy?

Personally, I want to grow and expand my living experience. I am quite happy with life but do not want to squander this opportunity.

Living in the here and now is quite stress free but being in the moment does not mean that we have to stay in the same place.

We always have choices and sometimes those choices can be to push ourselves a little.

Life does unfold as it should and we really don’t have to do anything but we can also push ourselves to advance a little faster and take even more in.

How we experience life is in our hands, even when we feel as though we are being swept away by life events. We have the eternal option to channel our thoughts and expectations into a direction that can help us achieve where we need to go.

It is healthy to have a plan but live now. Without goals what is the point of pushing. It is okay to strive for something and reach out beyond what is in front of us. Having a vision opens doors that might otherwise remain closed. Push a little and see what happens.

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