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There are many levels of healing that we can experience. There is external healing, internal healing, emotional healing, spiritual healing, past life healing, healing of others and the list goes on. Many physical conditions manifest as a result of deep seeded issues and many of these dis-eases can be altered or overcome once we recognizes or come to understand the seed that has caused them to grow.

There are also physical conditions brought on by viruses or bacteria, genetics, old age and accidents. Some if not most of these conditions can be very challenging.

It has been suggested that our first step to healing should be to review our attitude or response to life. Do these need to be altered? Do we hold on to stress, hurt and pain? Are our responses to stressful situations one of understanding or do we meet anger with anger? Do we hold on to worry about events that have long passed or do we worry about events that “may happen” in our future?

We need to look to see if diet contributes or creates some of our issues? Do we honour the vessel we have been provided with for this life?

These conditions and reactions can be addressed and rectified. We may need to seek professional assistance to undo a lifetime of creating and holding onto stress.

Many of these conditions are brought on as there is a need for change on some level or another. The changes required may be changes in our life habits; they may be changes so that we consciously channeling positive energy and positive thoughts. We can work with different energies to assist us with our overall condition. Belief structure and expectations have a great impact on our health and in altering our attitudes we can put ourselves well onto the road to recovery.

It is suggested that we first look within to ensure that our potential problems do not originate there. If they do, find outlets to channel these energies or ideas into a more positive outlook and attitude. It is also suggested that if our body is speaking to us, we should never ignore it. By dealing with our emotion wounds immediate, we can possibly eliminate the risk of disease in the future. By dealing with our physical wounds immediately, we do not allow them to manifest into something greater.

Healing begins when we change our lives including our focus. Keep a positive attitude and do not own the chaos that may take place around you. We have great healing abilities and there are many positive steps we can make by simply changing our focus in life.

There are many of us with challenging conditions. Many of us require medication to help with day to day functions both physically and mentally. Medicine and modern science has come a long way and mental health and awareness has also moved out of the dark ages.

We are by no means suggesting that you stop medication or that you not seeking professional advice and help. We are suggesting that there are many proactive steps that can be taken that will work in conjunction with modern medicine and our medical professionals. Reinforce a positive outlook on life. Adopt good habits which will assist in releasing stress and will produce mindfulness. Surround yourself with positive energies and people. Carry out self study. Understand your automatic reactions and realize your stressors. Become self aware. Know that you have a huge hand in your own healing. Healing begins with you.

Think of today as a new start to a healthier you.


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