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Emotional baggage can be exhausting to overcome but worse to carry around unresolved.

Our minds must process the information and to do so we must face whatever events have taken place. Our minds can play with the information creating interference and often, our minds make the matters much worse than they actually were. Our minds, over time, can also build on the information and exaggerate the original experience.

Many of us have experienced events that have been very emotional and depleting. They can cause emotional wounds that run very deep.

With most events in life, we have little control over the actual event, but we do have control over how we process and response to them.

Do we accept or do we fight the process?

It is essentials to separate ourselves from these events. They are not a part of us. They are not who we are. We do not own these events. Letting go or accepting can be one of the most challenging tasks we face, especially when it comes to losing loved ones for example.

We certainly need time to process and to adjust but acceptance is essential. Acceptance is required to move forward with our lives.

We will continue our focus on emotion wounds on April 14.

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