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Emotional baggage is exhausting to evaluate in order to overcome but especially to carry around unresolved.

To overcome our baggage, our minds have to play with information and actually face whatever events have taken place. Once we have faced these events, we have to go through a process deciphering what has taken place. We have to be able to categorizing these event or situation so they fit nicely into our emotional boxes and if we have the energy to continue, we have to make a decision as to what will be done to recover from the event. The mind plays with the information creating interference and more often than not, our minds make the matter much worse than they actually were. Our minds, over time, can also build on the information and exaggerate the original experience.

Many of us have experienced events that have been very devastating. These events have caused emotional wounds that run very deep. With most events in life, we have little control over the actual event but we do have control over how we process and deal with these events. Do we accept or do we fight the process?

It is important to separate ourselves from these events. They are not who we are. We do not own these events. They do not dictate how we feel unless we allow this. Letting go or accepting can be one of the most challenging actions we can do (especially when it comes to losing loved ones).

We certainly need time to process and to adjust to our new lives but acceptance is important. We will never forget but we can accept and this is essential in order to be able to move forward with living.

When we are called upon to move in new directions, no matter what the reason, the changes can be massive and the adjustment period can be challenging. We CAN adapt however. It is part of our nature. The end of any one condition no matter what it is always brings with it a beginning of something new.

A part of us, deep within, will understand that the transformation is a requirement and sometimes life changes dramatically so that we can move out of complacency or a place of stagnation to find what is necessary for our own personal spiritual growth (and we are certainly not specifically speaking of someone’s death. Our reference is general). Everything in life happens for a reason, although we may not always be able to figure this out. The answers often unfold over time and the why behind things begins to make sense (but not always).

As mentioned, this could involve losing a loved one, but it could also be expressed in many other ways. We might step out of a relationship of significance or someone may leave us when we believed that the conditions were good. Sometimes we have to make changes to our occupation. Sometimes we need to physically move away from those that we love and are comfortable with. The possibilities are endless.

Change, however, is inevitable. It can come when we least expect it. Do we sit and live in fear? No because that is not living. We adapt; we overcome; we flourish.

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