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When we are called upon to move in new directions, no matter what the reason, the adjustment period can certainly be challenging. We CAN adapt, however. It is part of our nature. (The human race would not have flourished if we could not adapt.) The end of any condition, no matter what it is, always brings with it a new beginning.

A part of us, deep within, will understand that a transformation is required and sometimes life changes dramatically so that we can move out of complacency or a place of stagnation to find what is necessary for our own personal growth. We are not specifically speaking of someone’s death; this reference is general. Everything in life happens for a reason, although we may not always be able to figure out what that reason is. The answers often unfold over time and the “why” behind events begin to make some sense, but this is not always the case.

The changes we speak of could involve losing a loved one, but it could also be expressed in many other ways. We might step out of a relationship of significance, or someone may leave us when we believed the relationship was solid and secure. There may be times when we have made changes to our occupation which we though were secure. Sometimes we need to physically move away from those that we love. The possibilities of change are endless.

Change, however, is inevitable. It can happen when we least expect it but we cannot live in fear. The state of fear is not living. We adapt; we overcome; we flourish.

Visit us again on April 19 and we will finish our focus on dealing with emotional wounds.

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