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Healing Energy

We are all agents of healing. We all have the ability to act as healers on any given day. Whether we use this energy through mental healing or physical healing, it is within us all to give.

Do you question these statements?

How can someone like me be capable of healing another when I have not gone through any training or schooling?

How can I heal without knowing how to work the healing energies?

Some training is required before you can learn how to heal efficiently, but it does not require years of schooling to facilitate healing through hands on techniques. What is a Mother’s first response when her child has hurt themselves? It is an automatic response to place our hands over the injury. Why?

There are many healing modalities available. In most cases, the energy required for healing does not come from us but works through us. We are only the transmitter or conduit for the energy to pass through.

Reiki, for example, is a hands-on technique that the first level can be taught over a weekend. You can learn the technique and begin healing yourself with these initial instructions, although further training and much practice is advised. We can all act as a conduit of this energy.

The knowledge has been passed down through the ages and anyone can use this energy to help those around them. We are all born healers. There are many ways that we can use these gifts.

How often do we naturally offer a gentle touch when someone is going through a rough time? How often do you find that these people feel much better after a touch and the ability to express their feelings?

This is all part of our natural design. We are born with these gifts. They have been available since time began but somehow we have lost this information and forgotten our abilities.

Remember to utilize your compassion and open the channels of love so this can be expressed. In some way or another, each one of us care for others. We experience some form of compassion. Some of us even take on others’ emotions during emotional experiences. Assist your brothers and sisters during their times of need but do not own their emotions. You will be of no assistance if emotionally you are walking in the shadows, although your experiences from dark moments will assist you in understanding as you have taken steps within those same shoes as those that are suffering.

There are many ways to offer assistance to those in need and it is within our grasp and ability to help those who ask for assistance. Allow the healing energy to radiate outward into your world and be part of the overall healing process. It is within your capability to make a difference through whatever form gravitates to you.

Be a conduit for source’s healing energy. Be an agent of compassion and love for each of our brothers and sisters.

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