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Healing Through Spirit

There are numerous alternative methods for healing, however, many individuals are uncomfortable or doubtful of the value of such practices. The mainstream population utilize the services of physicians who prescribe drugs that all too often mask symptoms that are messages our bodies are sending us.

Without question, there are drugs that allow our bodies to function more easily or with less pain and they allow our bodies to cope with disease on a day to day level. Much of our true healing however occurs on a subconscious level.

Cancer, for example, was not so long ago in most cases a death sentence but modern medicine is and has changed that. The practice of medicine has come a long way and has certainly saved many lives and prolonged many more.

We live in an exciting and amazing time with medicine today. How fortunate we are to experience these breakthroughs and to have the opportunity to add longevity and quality of life if we choose to look after our bodies and care for their needs.

There are also alternate healing methods – as simple as positive thinking, which is known to have profound effects on those with Cancer. The second simple tool we have at our disposal is controlling the quality and quantity of what we feed our bodies. Other healing tools available are modalities include Reiki - holistic therapy which brings about healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels through energy. Alternative healing methods such as Reiki have been with us for several thousand years and they still hold a significant place in our world. It has been said that such practices would never have survived without there being some merit to their healing properties.

As we mature into our life and begin to understand the power of the mind, we learn to channel our energies into more wholesome avenues of expression. Many have come to terms with the understanding that we create our world through our thought process and belief structures. How powerful this manifestation actually is will unfold as we continue our path towards attaining this understanding and using it in our lives.

As we mature spiritually, we learn to focus our attention towards positive affirmations and practice a more deliberate mind focus. We learn our own personal art and we are unfolding as the healing takes place within us. As we heal internally we manifest this healing into our outside world. Positive reinforcement and following some of the more idealistic practices including the wide spread use of meditation has not only opened up channels to the metaphysical and psychic realms, but it spreads into our very being through each step we take in this ongoing process.

It is exciting to think of the future of mankind if we follow these practices available to each of us. Where will the human race be in one hundred years from now? What volume of healing will be transmitted via inner channels of expression? How will medicine be altered by these practices? What will the future hold for those that practice these healing methods on a regular basis?

Life is an unfolding story, and is ever expanding. It is continually awakening our consciousness and reminding us of the talents and knowledge we have sleeping within, just waiting to be wakened. Listen to the little voice within and follow its guidance. Where will that little voice take you?

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