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There are many born into this life with health conditions--physical, mental or both. Why are these individuals saddled with these conditions? It is difficult to understand the why behind these situations.

There are those that believe it is Karma carried forward from a past incarnation. There are others that believe the soul has asked for these conditions to excel its growth dealing with these challenging experiences. Whatever the reason, these individuals deserve our compassion and respect for living under these extreme conditions in order to achieve or live out their lives to facilitate enlightenment or exchange.

The majority of us will experience some type of illness throughout of lives (certainly on a much smaller scale than the illnesses we were just speaking of). Why do we experience these conditions and what is the purpose?

It is believed that when we are confronted with life issues and do not deal with them appropriately, we are faced with similar conditions again and again until we make the necessary adjustments in our lives in order to move forward. It is also believed that if we choose to ignore these life lessons (which are often focused around forgiveness, letting go or making required changes), minor illnesses or even more serious ailments will be manifested from our body’s reaction to the mental strain we are choosing to bury.

Exterior stressful conditions in our life are often reflections of inner turmoil. It is important to face these issues head-on and with honestly in order to deal with them appropriately. Often a simple change of attitude is all that is required although there are times when something more sweeping is needed, such as forgiveness or letting go.

You may need to offer forgiveness to others, and at other times, you may need to offer forgiveness to self.

Letting go is often a difficult learning experience especially after a loved one passes on. We hold on dearly to what was and have a very challenging time letting go. Reality can be very painful at times, but ultimately must be acknowledged and accepted before we can move on with our lives.

We all experience turmoil, but we must never own it. Forgive and find love again in these moments of sadness and despair. It is always comforting to know that we are not alone and that countless others have experienced similar incidents in their lives.

When we function through love, compassion and forgiveness are often by-products. Love is unfailing and it can be found within each of us. Love is always available, even under the most trying of conditions. Dig deep into your emotional reservoir and find that place of gratitude, even when faced with the most tumultuous life conditions. These events are stepping stones to understanding and ultimately lead us to a better place.

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