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It is said that everything stems from the heart. Should we then look within our heart (emotions) first when dealing with adverse experiences in life which have evolved into physical conditions or “dis-ease”?

In what ways could we change our lives or our perspectives to alter less than ideal conditions now apparent in the physical body?

What can we do from a purely mental perspective to re-examine our lives?

What changes need to materialize to have a productive physical effect on our body?

Are we happy? Are we content?

What can we do to change the direction of our life if changes need to take place?

How will these changes affect those around us and what can we do from a personal perspective to make changes that not only make us feel better emotionally but also help those around us to find peace as well?

These are questions that we can certainly reflect on.

If someone closely involved in our day to day lives is being beckoned to make changes yet they ignore these calls, it may be time to help them see what is required. If they still resist, then it may be time for us to do some house cleaning. Those that are holding us back and creating conditions in our lives that are not in line with our journey cannot be allowed to stand in our way. It is best to think of what we need to live a healthy, fulfilling life.

It is not self-centred or egotistical to care for our own needs. We cannot fulfil our life’s journey if we have not cared for or taken care of our own needs. Sometimes our journeys go in different directions as we progress and grow.

If we have allowed a disease to progress unchecked, we should never hesitate to seek professional assistance for guidance and healing. By making conscious changes in our lives and with care to heal the disease, we will have the tools we need to heal and grow, as this is part of our life’s journey. Our mental construct always plays a significant role in our health, and we can never move out of challenging health related matters if we do not believe we can change things. Focus and alignment are key to overcoming all matters that stand in the way of our growth and healing.

There are always avenues to pursue, but the first step that needs to be taken always come from within. Ask your guides for assistance and program your dreams to reveal any special points of interest that will help you along the way. Remember you are never alone in physical terms and certainly never alone in spiritual terms. There is always assistance available; all we need to do is ask but then we must also listen to the response that may come to us intuitively or through signs in our immediate environment. Remember, nothing is co-incidence.

Reaffirm your belief in yourself and know that the strength you seek is already a part of who you are. You are stronger than you think and nothing that is presented along life’s road stands in the way unless we allow this or believe this.

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