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Healthy Skeptic

When standing at a proverbial new threshold with key in hand, you may find that there are times when you question this unlocking. Our life’s venture is entering a new awakening and the unknown can be frightening and questionable.

It is healthy to question; however, never close the door; always keep it ajar if only a little. Closing the door to potential will never allow any further development or understanding to take place. It is quite acceptable to not blindly adhere to new events or information as they are presented. Allow time for the seed to germinate, digest the information and then ask, does this event or concept resonate with me?

Questioning is the mind’s interference. Simply relying on faith to open the door is not a customary step to take for many individuals. Releasing self from old, passed-on beliefs and opening up to new possibilities allows the seeds of new knowledge to germinate. A seed cannot germinate in hard packed soil. Aerate the hardpan and allow the seed the time it needs. Our belief structures are the hardpan. They can rob us of growth. Non-judgement is the tool used to aerate. Knowledge comes in. Allow the time required for germination. If it turns out to be a weed, you can then pull it from your life’s garden. If it turns out to be an exotic plant, enjoy the fruits of its branches.

Much of the internal interference we experience is generally ego interruption or ego interrogation. This is the normal function of the ego. It is in place to protect us, at times. We understand that the ego fights for dominance. It fears change and the thought of losing control. Ego will, therefore, fight to maintain its control and create fear of the unknown.

As we venture through new doorways, we continually uncover deeper facets of our being. We begin to understand that our fears block new information that is being revealed to us from many different sources.

The ability to recognizing the ego and the interference it can create can be difficult in the beginning, but the more familiar we become with its personality, the more readily we will recognize the lock doorways it is trying to create.

Once we have put ego in its place and have allowed the seed of knowledge to grow, the door slowly begins to open. We should throw open the door as though we are children entering an adventure park for the first time. We can enjoy the excitement of the new knowledge and the venture it will take us on. We may still question but we begin to acknowledge that there really is something beyond that which we have been taught. This is where faith begins to awaken and we make our way past the bondage that has held us back for years. We venture forth unknowing what lies ahead in careful anticipation of locating a part of our being and spiritual makeup that has been locked away until now.

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