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The hemispheres in a horoscope are divided up in four sections. There are:

1. The Northern Hemisphere which includes planets which are below the horizon, or centred around the IC;

2. The Southern Hemisphere which is located above the horizon centred around the MC;

3. The Eastern Hemisphere which is centred around the Ascendant; and

4. The Western Hemisphere which is centred around the Descendant.

An emphasized Hemisphere would have the majority of planets in that particular quadrant.

Some Astrologers suggest that planets in retrograde should be considered in the opposite quadrant. For example, if Saturn is in retrograde in the Northern Hemisphere, when calculating a Hemisphere emphasis, Saturn would be considered to be in the Southern Hemisphere. If Mars is in retrograde motion in the Eastern Hemisphere, Mars should be considered in the Western Hemisphere in your calculation. Of course, the planets do not actually change positions in the birth chart but when it comes to this evaluation, they are considered to be in the opposite Hemisphere.

These Hemisphere configurations would look similar to a fan pattern, with most of the emphasis in one quadrant.

As we delineate this Hemisphere calculation, it is important to remember that this only applies to planets. Asteroids and nodes are not included in this calculation.

Those individuals with an emphasis around the Eastern Hemisphere or around the Ascendant are said to be concerned with their own private personal ventures. They are said to be driven by internal needs and push ahead with their objectives. This is not to say that they are egotistical or self-centered. This suggests that these individuals focus their attention on advancing those things that they deem significant to themselves. Personal advancement on some level is a priority.

Some Astrologers have noted that there appears to be much defensiveness with people who have this emphasis. This Hemisphere incorporates houses 1,2,3,10,11,12. Free will and the ability to move towards their path or orientation are important to these people. They take on some of the qualities of the first house.

Those individuals who have the emphases around the Northern Hemisphere or centered around the IC are said to be more private and introverted. The emphasis would be with the houses 1 through 6. These individuals are often focused on the needs of the family and the home environment, similar to a 4th house emphasis.

Some Astrologers have noted that there are affairs or events that have been left unresolved related to early life conditions and the need for these to be dealt with.

The fourth/tenth house axis is related to the parents, some say that the fourth house is related to the mother or the most nurturing parent yet some say it relates to the father. This has been a controversial issue with many Astrologers. You will have to test it for yourself to see what fits and feels right for your practice or your chart. This area is related to private and individual areas of life and as such can be related to internal issues. These issues are usually kept private or some individuals choose to not deal with them at all.

Those individuals with a vast number of planets on the Western side of the chart or around the Descendant, houses from 4-9, tend to concentrate their energies on others. They are “other-people” motivated rather than being self-motivate. They are always considering the needs of others when it is time to take a step forward. Direction often comes through others. There is a great deal of giving but not very much taking. Some of these individuals can be taken advantage of from those with stronger personalities or those that tend to prey on these types of individuals. They are very giving but must watch for being taken advantage of. There are similar traits to those with the seventh house prominent in their charts.

With an emphasis on the Southern Hemisphere, (the houses above the horizon), houses 7 through 12, there is a tendency to be extraverted and these individuals are drawn to social environments. They are concerned with what is going on in the outside world and tend to gravitate towards social activities where they can mingle and be objective about what they discover in these areas of life. There is a link to the tenth house as events in life tend to affect these individuals and their path in life.

Some Astrologers have linked this Southern Hemisphere with being swept away by life’s conditions. It has even been considered that these individuals could be victimized in some manner. This could also be potentially related to the parents because of the axis point. Again, some Astrologers differ on who the tenth house is representative of, the father or the most disciplinary or providing parent vs the mother.

This Astrologer feels that the fourth house, being ruled by the Moon and Cancer, would be representative of the mother or nurturing parent and the tenth house, being ruled by Saturn and Capricorn, would be representative of the father or disciplinary parent. I do note, however, that when it comes to a personal injury connected to the past (emphasis in the Northern Hemisphere) there would be a connection with the father, but on a deeper level, you have to question how the mother influenced particular life events and what was the reaction to her interjection? So you be the judge.

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