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There are four hemispheres found in an Astrological natal chart.

Today we will focus on the northern and southern hemispheres. On October 9, 2019 we will focus on the eastern and western hemispheres.

The north (which is below the horizon) consists of houses 1 through 6, centred around the IC; the south or above the horizon consists of houses 7 through 12, centred around the MC.

Northern Hemisphere

The Northern Hemisphere is said to be very individualistic and incorporates the advancement of our personality or individuality. This area is very personal in nature. It is a private area and those with many planets in this hemisphere are often said to be somewhat of an introvert. The first house reflects our personal nature. The second house relates to individual security, etc.

It has also been noted that there is the potential for unfinished business related to the early home environment or family upbringing. An example of a concentration of planets in the northern hemisphere might be, two planets in the 2nd, three planets in the 4th house and one in the fifth.

It is also important to note that planets that are in retrograde at birth draw emphasis on the opposite hemisphere. So if, for example, the natal chart also had two planets in retrograde one in the 9th and one in the 10th this would influence the chart as though these three planets were placed in the northern hemisphere. This would suggest a strong emphasis in the northern hemisphere.

It has also been noted that the Northern Hemisphere is somehow attached or fixated on the past.

Southern Hemisphere

The Southern Hemisphere (7 through 12) suggests that the individual is more extroverted in nature and tends to be more social than the Northern Hemisphere individual. The occupation seems to be more important to these individual, while the Northern hemisphere individual tends to focus their attention on the home and family. These Southern Hemisphere individuals tend to have a broad interest in human behaviour and are interested in man’s plight. Their focus can be quite global.

It is also indicated that these individuals are often at the mercy of life’s events. They seem to be taken away having little control, due to life taking the leading role.

An example of a concentration of planets in the southern hemisphere might be a Stellium in the 10th house of four planets, and one planet in the 11th and also two retrograde planets in the fourth house.

Individuals with a Stellium in their chart, however, tend to be quite focused in the energies that the specific house represents as well as the sign that occupies these planets. (If our example had three planets in close proximity to one another and the fourth planet 12 degrees away, this would no longer be considered a Stellium.)

Return on October 9 for the eastern and western focus.

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