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It is important to remain rational and clear-headed when experiencing some of life’s trying conditions, but also, we should not lose sight of the mystical experiences and developments that are taking place at the same time. We remain in touch with our daily routine, family, and friends as well as our growth beyond this earthly plain. There is a mystical/spiritual plan for this earthly plain that has been set into motion at birth.

Our spiritual connection cannot be forgotten. Always remember our connection with source. This is a magical energy flow that affects each and every one of us whether we recognize it, nurture it or try to stifle it. Place your focus there even if just for a moment. Pay heed to the wisdom coming at us from many different angles. Our spiritual quest is upon us. We are in the midst of a transformation that may feel uncomfortable at times but at the same time it feels inspiring.

Our world and our lives are not meant to be focused complete on material living. Our soul purposes is not to just gain in riches and move towards social consciousness. We are part of the whole but understand that there is more to life than meets the eye. We are cosmic beings linked together now and always. Whatever we do to any living thing on this earth affects each and every other living thing sharing this experience with us.

Humanity appears to be preparing for its next wave of evolution, whatever that may be. Have you ever wondered why you were born into this life, at this precise time and under these precise conditions? Have you ever asked yourself what your purpose is? Do you know beyond a doubt that life has greater meaning and that we all have a part to play in the process?

The answers prior to and the answers after we have allowed the channels to open up to the dialogue that is ever present within us will vary immensely. We are so accustomed to the inner dialogue that many of us have become oblivious to the information and to the higher level of understanding.

As we know, we are mystical beings brought to earth to live a life’s experience in this physical form, yet we are not bound by the physical body as it appears. We have techniques available to us that foster an awareness of other dimensions of reality that are attainable different practices. Being/living in the moment is one of the most positive ways of recognition. Living in the moment allows us the realization that these are more than just ideas; they are reality.

There are other techniques that we can use to enhance our earthly experience including meditation and mindfulness to name just a couple.

Living at varying energy vibrational levels is not as difficult as it sounds for we have been living this way all our lives. It is so commonplace that most of us fail to recognize it. We are not awakening to something new. It is an old forgotten friend.

Beware of the ego however for as we open to review the energy relationship, ego will relentlessly persist on maintain its control as it is completely fear based. Do not identify with anything that does not feel right energetically or that cannot aid us in our growth and progression. Do not listen to the constant chatter of the ego and understand that it is not a part of us.

We have what it takes to renew our relationship with the higher energy vibrations by maintaining a higher vibration. We have always had what it takes. We are all capable.


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