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Relatives that have passed over and your guides are never very far away. They are with you frequently and are at your side especially in times of need.

Your guides do change over time as they are there to help you during specific times in your life and when their particular energies and expertise fit your areas of required growth at the time. Many guides will come and go but there can be specific guides that are with you during your life time.

For those wanting to enjoy a clear connection with their guides, meditation is a wonderful tool. To help get started, there are meditation techniques available from many sources and you will undoubtedly find at least one or more that will work well for you. Your particular vibration fits certain procedures and you will have to find one or several that suit you. Keep trying until you find what resonates with you and allows the energies to come through. Do not expect some over-the-top experience. The connection is very subtle at least in the early stages. It is like a muscle, it takes practice and experience to get consistently good at clearing your mind.

Alternatively, you can meditate without any assistance from outside sources as the sounds of nature or simple silence may be your most helpful aid to silence your mind.

There will be times when you are connecting and you may not even be aware of it. This often deters some of us from continuing our practice as we feel as though we are getting nowhere or that our progress is stifled.

Watch for ego intervention, as ego will tell you that you are never ready for this connection. Understand that you are always ready and you would not even be attempting to connect unless you were ready.

Some meditation experiences are simple silence and peace. Do not underestimate this experience. It is a wonderful one. Reduce the chatter and rejuvenate the soul, mind and body. This mediation brings us the strength and courage during trying times. To still the mind also helps us to de-stress.

Some meditations allow the subtle voice within to provide us with valuable information. This quite voice does not operate the same way that the mind does. Sometimes the mind will repeat the words offered by our guides or higher self because the way you tap into these subtle connections do not come through on normal channels. Some people’s experiences suggest that the words received from spirit/guides/higher self are not actually in the form of normal spoken words as the message is received instantaneously. It does not take the normal time for the information to be processes such as when we are listening to verbal information. It is as though everything is being said in an instant and comprehension is complete and clear also in the instant that the information is provided to us from our guides. It is as though a whole sentence or even a paragraph is said instantaneously, all at once and this is foreign to the physical mind so our minds repeats the words.

Experiment with different ways of meditation over the next five days and we will continue this post on meditation on July 26, 2016.

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