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We are continuing our post on meditation from July 21, 2016.

We cannot stress how important it is to stay open to the possibility that you can get to experience great meditations. All too often people listen to their ego and they come to believe that they could not possibly have a meaningful contact with their guides and higher self. Ego may suggest that you are not evolved enough or not spiritual enough or simply not able. Understand that any thoughts that say it can’t be done are ego generated. Everyone has the ability; it is a natural born ability for us all.

When attempting to contact a higher source, create the feeling that you are waiting for someone to knock on the door or for someone to walk in. You know they are coming and you are waiting on them to enter or make themselves known to you. This anticipation opens the door and allows the energies to enter your awareness.

Many of your guides will operate on different frequencies. Some may have a difficult time communicating, while others are quite adept at communication. Once you open the door, they enter freely and easier. Know that you are in search of someone who is God centred and highly evolved. Make this known. Ask for the pure of heart and for guidance that will further your pure evolution. Above all else, do not let fear (ego generated) to enter into the experience. This will halt everything. Do not align yourself with ego and its fear base focus. It is not you and you should not identify with it.

It may take time but eventually you will begin to recognize when you guides are in your presence. It can be a feeling, it may be a message. Their energies can often be felt once you recognize them. Many people ignore the signs and messages pass them by without any or little notice.

These experiences are called super-natural. Think of these words and you will understand that it is a normal, natural process that many have dismissed. As children, we were told that we should stop our imagination, our exploration, our innocence, our openness. Now as adults, the time is here once again to re-open these doors to natural perception.

You can connect with your angels, your guides, your higher self and your family members that have passed on simply by realizing and accepting that they are with you. Persevere and be steadfast in your approach regardless of how long it takes, or how much you feel stands in the way.

You will find what you are looking for. Be open to the subtle energies for they are gentle, compassionate and loving. These guides stand by you and are always ready to assist you any time you ask.

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