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Holding on to Your Foundation

There are times in life when the road that we are following has some major potholes that we have to navigate. We carefully maneuver around these potholes, but there are still those that are too large to avoid. Moving through these tumultuous conditions of our lives can be extremely difficult, but often unavoidable. Although these conditions or circumstances that we are forced to acknowledge and move through can be extreme in nature, it should be understood that whatever we confront in life always has a solution and usually this solution is our attitude towards it. No challenge is beyond our scope or ability to master. We repeat—no issue is met that we do not have the ability to not only meet and address but to eventually come to terms with.

During these extreme experiences, we often feel at the mercy of life. Holding on to our foundation or our core beliefs is often challenging. These challenges or so called bumps in the road, burden us at times to the point of exhaustion. We can even feel incompetent with keeping up with the task at hand.

What is a belief or principle if we cannot trust in them during life’s trials?

Know that you can prevail. Have faith that your core is built on a solid foundation. Your true self cannot be shaken regardless of the pressure from outside forces. You have the ability to get through any condition and resolve any conflict. Nothing comes your way that you cannot defeat and turn into a “silver lining”.

Stand tall in the face of adversity! Have faith in your inner strength and be resolute in your stance. You will overcome. You will persevere. The only restriction that stands in your way of accomplishment will be your mindset. Dig deep for solutions. Ask for assistance from your guides and the higher forces. Know that you are never alone and that what you need is always at your disposal. You are strong and have whatever it takes to get through all conditions, if you believe. Address all of life with this belief structure.

This is your life to live. Live it with vision, understanding and purpose.

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