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When we are deciphering a natal chart, we will come across oppositions.

For those that are unfamiliar with what oppositions are in the natal chart here is a quick explanation.

An opposition involves a minimum of two planets which are found at opposite ends of the chart. The angle of separation is 180 degrees. We can allow an orb of up to ten degrees of separation, so any two planets that are between 170-190 degrees apart from one another are defined as being in oppositions. The tighter the orb, the stronger the opposition’s energies. A direct opposition is exactly 180 degrees in separation and will be a very powerful agent in the horoscope.

When we have oppositions in the natal chart defined by house positions, we are torn in two separate directions. The houses define the areas of life involved in this separation. There is a strong need to find a release mechanism between these two opposing forces. In most cases, we will need to take into consideration the planets involved in the oppositions, as one planet’s energy can overpower the other planet’s energy. However, no matter which planet is involved in the opposition aspect, they will need to find expression and often one of the planets will dominate the other. We cannot forget that they are opposing forces.

An example could be Saturn in the second house as opposed to Uranus in the eighth house. Saturn seeks security either from an internal standpoint (having a concrete foundation with self-reliance, or working hard toward this internal reliability), or (as Saturn rules the second house deals with financial security) through money and security.

Uranus, at the other end of our exampled opposition) is quite opposite in its energies. While Saturn seeks structure and reliability, Uranus seeks freedom of expression and freedom to move in whatever direction it wishes. Uranus longs to bring new and innovated ways of integrating information into our lives.

Saturn seeks out what has been tried and tested, and Uranus pushes for change and learning from these new adventures. Not only in the chart are they in opposition but their energies naturally are opposing.

Furthering our example the eighth house deals with joint finances, the occult teachings, inner reflection and big business, among other things. The energies of Uranus in this position (8th house) might push to seek out ways of joining finances to find shared resolutions to any financial crisis. In a larger sense, Uranus would want to explore avenues of expression linked to the occult and spiritual understandings. It wants to open the door to this perception.

Depending on what the rest of the chart is indicating, this opposition in the chart could be saying that Saturn is seeking out ways to establish concrete financial security using slow meticulous methods while Uranus wants to explore ways related to financial structures through joint finances that entail something new and exciting and would push us in a new direction.

Alternatively, with reviewing other aspects in the chart, our conclusion could be that Saturn is looking to achieve internal security through planning, organizing and structuring life and in the long haul will promotes security that lasts. Uranus on the other hand may seek out independence through becoming involved in the teachings of the occult and the practice of reaching beyond what is considered safe and known.

We will continue with our look at the house polarities integrating an opposition on February 8, 2019.

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