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Where do you place importance in life? Are your achievements important in life? Are you achievements you strengths or your weaknesses?

Is you focal point on your partner, the house you own or the material achievements you have made thus far?

What do you think defines you in the eyes of others (not that it really matters)? More importantly, what defines you in your own personal view of who you think you are?

Many people describe others by their appearance, their home and/or their occupation. Many define others by their wealth and their process leading to their wealth, or in contrast how they have wasted their lives and made nothing out of themselves financially. Remember this is other people’s view of what they consider success or failure and how they label those individuals involved.

It is true that a comfortable physical life has its perks and there is nothing wrong with being comfortable or wealthy but wealth does not define who you are. Material wealth can bring comfort but it cannot guarantee eternal happiness or contentment for that matter.

Many that achieve material wealth seem to be obsessed with acquire more. It has been said that success comes at a price but does this have to be?

Are you defining yourself by what you have achieved and how others see you? Do you look in the mirror and say to yourself you are making a name for yourself and one day you will be rich? If this will bring true happiness, keep striving.

Take a longer look and see what your reflection is tell you. Are you happy? Are you at peace? Have you made a connection that fits you perfectly? If not, what should you be pursuing?

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