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Do you feel as though you have lost your identity?

Are you caught up in the challenges that this virus has brought forward?

Are you questioning your path?

Embrace what you know as truth but be open to new information.

Believe in yourself and know that what we are experiencing is just a new life lesson that we will move beyond. When you work your way through this (and everyone else), you will discover a new you emerging.

Life offers up change because on some level change is due. We are not supposed to stagnate and stay the way we were. We are constantly being renewed and expanded so that we are open to what is coming in our next stage of life.

Our potential is endless and if we think about it we have continually been shedding the skin of our former self. What we are currently experiencing is no different other than it is on a much grander scale than just the immediate self.

This is a time of change and we can grow immensely from this experience. Look deep within. Recognize that inner strength and renew commitment to self and those around us. There is much for us to do but be patient and be ready to do our part. Take advantage of the synchronicity presented and take a step forward.

Our attitude is forefront in our development. What is yours? No matter what unfolds, our reaction is what matters.

Sometimes it feels as though life dictates and it can certainly push us in new directions. Many of us are resistant to change because we fear the unknown and are more comfortable staying with something that is familiar.

New directions open up because we are meant to experience, expand and learn.

Walk this road with confidence and know that we are going where we need to go. We are not being misled as we will find our way. We were never lost to begin with.

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