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In Light of Knowing

If you were to call on the higher sources to help you during a time of indecision, will you always be provided with an answer? Is the higher source always by your side ready to assist at any given moment? How delicate does the problem have to be before you would be rescued? Should we be rescued from any given circumstance?

Is it not important when confronted with a problem or situation that we reach deep inside in order to find a resolution to whatever the situation in front of us may be? We have the resources. We have far more strength than we realize and often we can find a solution if we take the time to look at the situation in a clear light and with a clear mind.

We are more resilient than we give ourselves credit for. Often if we dig deep enough we can find the solution to most of our problems. Undoubtedly we summons our higher self to assist with these issues. We are never alone, and at times, we receive assistance without knowing. This silent resolve assists in building confidence and inner strength.

If we believe that we cannot solve a given situation and are constantly asking for help, we become dependent on outside assistance. Unknown assistance along the way builds our strength and changes our confidence in ourselves. This is a good thing as our attitude is the most important life control we have. We have to fill our world with positive initiatives and motivations that provide us with the resolve to overcome anything life throws at us.

When we come to a place where hope seems impossible, we are always provided with assistance in ways that best suit the occasion. We do not understand the complexities of our being but our higher self and our spirit guides do. Our spirit guides assist us in our times of need and make sure we learn from the situation. Lessons in life can often be difficult and what we want is not always what we need. All of life’s events turn out with our best interest in focus. We gain insight on many different levels. Understand that even when things do not turn out the way you wish they would, life is still on target and you are still moving in the appropriate direction.

Hang on in times of struggle and know that you will get what you need. Never give up. Remember that giving up and letting go are two different things. Do not confuse one with the other. There is always a light around the next corner and all situations in life are temporary.

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