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Our true state of well “being” is not dependent upon our life’s circumstances. Our state of being is reflective of our thought process that we have developed. This thought process generally comes about as a result of life events. Our state of being rests entirely within the framework of this particular moment, nothing more and nothing less.

Our attitude about the state of our conditions is all that stands in our way of or that works in favour of our well being. Our mental attitude toward life and its events can develop into an attachment if we decide to take them on, own them and dwell on a thought, event or belief structure.

We cannot escape the moment. When the mind shifts to any type of recall of events that we have experienced, do not fight them but simply accept the recall for what it is within the current moment and then let it go. These events truly belong in the past and have nothing to do with this moment.

This intentional action of acceptance creates a flow of energy which simply passes through us momentarily and then opens the door for a different type of perception. If we choose to hang on to the thought, it becomes a part of us because we own it or identify with it.

The eternal moment is actually silent. It neither looks back at conditions or events nor does it look ahead to what might be. It resides only now in the second. It accepts what is within that given moment, never venturing off course. The moment is a very quiet place as there is no reflection and there is no preconceived notion on what might happen in the moments to come. This moment is just concerned with its surroundings and its instantaneous reaction within that moment.

Our minds are what judge events and circumstances. Our minds’ categorize past events or anticipated events as good or bad. We are not our minds; we are the one listening to the mind’s insistent, babbling chatter. Again, we are not our minds; we are the listeners. If we identify with the thoughts of the mind, we will take on the energy of those thoughts. The energy in each thought is very fleeting. The real us is not fleeting. We are constant.

Our state of being is based on what we choose to call our own and this in itself is temporary. We can refocus our attention and change our perception but even this is temporary too. The effort of refocusing actually takes away from the moment. Refocusing will help take away from anything that feels intrusive, but it is still the mind’s reaction. We are better off experiencing the moment and then letting it go. By doing so, we are here now.

If we are sitting in a chair and watching the sun set, we are in the moment. Regardless of what has transpired throughout our day, being in the moment will reveal a whole new instant which has nothing to do with the day’s past events.

This “watching the sun set” in itself is an act of meditation and will quiet the mind.

Everything, absolutely EVERYTHING is still within the moment.

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