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We tend to think of ourselves as a separate entity, free and clear of any type of actual inseparable bond with anyone else. We connect but at the same time we feel separated and in many ways on our own in this life. We can make close connects and can also feel attached in many ways emotionally but still feel separate and individual.

Why is this? Are we really so different from one another?

Many of us have different as well as similar beliefs. We can follow similar routines and habits in our everyday life. We may feel a connection with those who have similar beliefs, and we structure our lives according to these beliefs. These beliefs we hold dear. Although we have many ideas in common with many in our inner circle, few, if anyone else, holds the exact same belief structures completely. Does this structure make us different? Do these differences interfere with our similarities?

We are all here in physical form for a certain amount of time. Each of us lives our lives together, sharing our resources and this planet we call home. We are also all connected through our true nature-- with spirit and with our connection and wholeness in source.

We, as humans, seem to thirst for our own individual identity. It seems that we need to think of ourselves as separate from our brothers and sisters and yet, we strive to fit in. Do we really need to be separate to feel unique? All living things are made of energy without exception. How much do we vary on a molecular level?

Perhaps it is time that we recognize that we are all spiritual entities undergoing a human experience and that our core is the same and we all stem from the same source. We are so connected that when one hurts, we all hurt on some level. It helps to remember this as we push our way through life without consideration for those that walk with us. Deep down inside, we all have the same credentials. We all crave love and understanding if we dig deep enough.

We are each part of the whole. Each of us represents a spark from the fire of existence. The whole however is inseparable so how individual are we? Share your love with others so that you will be loved. Do whatever you feel good at doing and live in harmony in our oneness.

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