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The centre of our being is a consciousness not defined by ego. Our consciousness is ever lasting and knows no boundaries. Some call this consciousness our soul. Some call it our God consciousness. Others call it our inner self. No matter what we name it, it is our core.

You are directly connected to this inner energy and it represents the fundamental principles of who we are at the deepest level of understanding. This consciousness is reachable even with the limitations of our human existence. It lies in wait for a true conscious connection. In recognition of its existence, we awaken to our true selves... our true complete and full selves. Nothing is lacking. There never was anything missing, other than the knowledge or recognition of this wholeness.

This inner self holds all knowledge. It understands our journey. If we care to listen and experience our inner consciousness, we will see the simplicity in all things... the natural state.

This consciousness is aligned with source for it is source. This holds each and every one of us within its being, for truly we are all one.

In human form and with our attachment to ego, we feel that we are individuals, each separate from our connection with Source and the moment. When we are connected to this inner consciousness, we recognize that we are one and indivisible. When we open ourselves to this inner consciousness and silence the mind, we align ourselves with the whole. We recognize that we can see and feel beyond the chaos and feel source inspired, source connected and source defined.

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