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It seems as though growth or change only occurs after challenging life conditions. These challenges allow for an opening to channels simple due to the turmoil of life events (or the change in attitude after the challenging experience). We seldom evolve through life conditions that are calm and collective. This appears to be the nature of our reality at least until the door of awareness opens.

Challenges come into play to assist us rather than stagnates our growth. It may appear quite the contrary when experiencing these conditions; however, once the situation has resolved we can clearly see how we prospered because of these events. It is difficult to understand while experiencing the process and we often feel as though we are at wits end, until finally a little glimmer of light shines over the horizon.

Remaining persistent and strong during these times can be arduous. Understand that when life seems challenging, it is then that we have reached a place that can foster growth on whatever level is required. These conditions continue until we have unlocked the door to the transition that eventually takes hold. We have to overcome these life conditions to evolve to that next stage.

This seems to be the learning curve that best suits us in this earthly form; although once the door to true spiritual learning has been opened, it no longer becomes a requirement. We need stiff jolts to push us in the intended direction and then once we reach this culmination point, a shift takes place. It may take years to reach this as a multiple of layers needs to be shed until we reach the finer level of enlightenment. These early stages are the challenging ones. It gradually becomes easier to move forward as we progress with our growth, and we become open to the dialogue offered by higher sources.

Our guides and spiritual comrades are with us always and have always been there assisting us through the dark stages of our lives, yet we may not have recognized their influence as we were so wrapped up in the situation at hand and the emotional impact of that time. Our negative focus overshadowed our progress and the assistance we were receiving.

We continue to evolve if we remain open to this for it is our life’s purpose. It is our birth right to open ourselves up to the beauty found within. It is this path and the eventual outpouring of love that slowly shrouds our being. We are spirits in human form. We can never forget this. Our earthly life journey is to eventually co-exist on some level consciously with each and every energy body.

There is a vessel buried within which holds all of the information required to take that next step. The gateway will present itself to us when we are ready, regardless of the eagerness we feel. We cannot force the spiritual unfoldment to happen. This is not in our hands. The sooner we realize this, the more readily the transition can occur. Release your “wanting” and watch your world unfold.

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